We invite you to attend our seminar highlighting how cutting-edge technology is leveraged in finance.

Relevance:The disrupting technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and quantum computing are getting off the starting blocks and promise to revolutionize the global financial ecosystem. The coming changes will affect all of us.

As consumers we are entitled to a wide range of new financial products, but as employers and entrepreneurs, we will face new challenges as more and more jobs will be automated and value chains will change dramatically.

An example of how Fintech disrupts established financial institutions is little known German firm WirecardAG who overtook Deutsche Bank.

As FinTech potentially reduces costs and opens new business opportunities it is important to follow the developments. Therefore many major financial institutions are already cooperating with start-ups from the FinTech scene or sometimes even find themselves on the frontier of financial developments.

Why to attend:

To deepen your knowledge on Fntech and gain a competitive advantage.