1.What do I need to know about the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee of Fintech Seminar is European Scientific Society (EWG, e.V) which is a scientific society established in Hanover, Germany specialized on convening conferences, seminars and postgraduate professional trainings. Our main focuses are medicine, ecology and economics. We have gained more than 10 years of intense experience in this field of event management. EWG aims at sharing latest developments and research spirit among specialists locally and internationally.

European Scientific Society is the publisher of medical journal “Archiv Euromedica”. As a non-profitable organization EWG assigns the firm “Akademforum” to take care of event infrastructures, billing and taxing.

2. Why to attend our seminar?

Technology will determine transformation of the financial sector and its institutions in the coming years. Therefore it is essential to anticipate how Fintech will change the way we make businesses, consume and invest. We want to deepen your knowledge and sharpen your understanding in financial technology by absorbing the knowledge from our experts. Our seminar is optimized to give you both academical and practical views on this financial transformation and its most important aspects.

3. Is there anything special about the Fintech seminar?

The Fintech seminar is conceptuated as a careful theoretical and practical upgrade of the current Fintech condition. The theoretical part accounts for one-third of the seminar time. The practical part contains 6 live testimonials of Fintech startups with successful operations.

4.Do I get a business trip support letter to submit to my chief?

Yes, we issue an official letter to allow your participation.

5. Will I get a participation certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate about a successful participation issued on your name and participation confirmation for your employer, if needed.

6. How can I pay for the seminar and will I receive confirmation/invoice?

Dear Participant, you have three options to pay for your attendance at the seminar.

You can either pay

-via Credit Card or

-by using PayPal or

-by simple money transfer on our bank account

Independently which way you choose you will always get a confirmation email and a bill including the amounts paid and corresponding VAT.

7. How to get to the Venue from Frankfurt-Main Airport

Take a S-train to the Central Station after that a 20 minute-ride with the metro (U4 direction to Frankfurt Enkheim to the station Hessen-Center. Just stroll along Borsigallee to Röntgensrasse where you see Hotel Amadeus.

8. Can we stay for a couple of nights at Hotel Amadeus?

Sure, we have special rates for the night 25th April to 26th April: BB single room  – 74 euros, double BB double room – 94 euros.